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From the culinary mastermind of Celebrity Pastry Chef Daniel Tay comes Cat & the Fiddle - Malaysia’s First and Foremost Premium Halal-certified Cheesecake Retailer.

At Cat & the Fiddle, you’ll find a diverse selection of 20 varieties of gourmet cheesecakes comprising faithful classics like the Classic New York Cheesecake and Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecake, Asian and local-inspired creations, and even specially-composed medleys of our best-sellers so you get to try 10 spectacular flavours in one neat cake!

Whether it’s the burst of juicy fruit, the pungent allure of Mao Shan Wang Durian, the richness of devil's chocolate or smokey aroma of sea salt caramel you’re craving to savour, Cat & the Fiddle has every cheesecake lover’s whim and fancy catered for. If a celebration such as a birthday party is in order, complete your cheesecake with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and delicious chocolates on the side, or fun birthday candles, a greeting card customized with your personal message, or even customizable stencils for a personal decorative touch.


Despite the misconception that frozen cakes will spoil after thawing, our blast freezing technology is designed to retain the moisture and freshness of our freshly baked gourmet cheesecakes to preserve both the quality and flavour of the cakes, exactly as they were, right out of the oven!

At Cat and the Fiddle, aside from convenience, we take pride in ensuring that the cakes you receive, maintain its quality and flavour.

Our blast freezing technology is the method of freezing our cheesecakes rapidly to prevent bacterial growth. Our cheesecakes which are frozen rapidly develop smaller ice crystals than those frozen using conventional mechanical refrigeration systems, resulting in higher quality. Cakes which are frozen slowly form larger ice crystals and tend to break cell fibres and then the cell, resulting in an increase in drip loss and poor texture quality. Hence, with our blast freeze technology, our cheesecakes retain its moisture, quality and flavour, making them delicious even after weeks!


At Cat and the Fiddle, we are committed to providing everyone with delicious cheesecakes, especially our Muslim friends! That is why we are proud to announce that as of 10 November 2019, Cat & the Fiddle has been certified Halal by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS). With this great news, we are finally happy to be able to cater to our local Muslim fans with our Halal range of cakes.

Always pushing boundaries, we’ve also taken our cheesecakes across borders since September 2016 with the establishment of our first overseas outpost in

To make our delicious cheesecakes even more accessible, Cat & the Fiddle has also developed new cost-friendly modes of delivery. Besides opting for doorstep delivery and self-collection, we now also offer mobile van collection points island-wide, so ordering and receiving your favourite cheesecakes has never been easier!​


At Cat & the Fiddle, we believe in spreading love to the less fortunate. We care through our actions such as supporting stray cats through the Cat Welfare Society, children in need through The Children's Aid Society as well as those who are differently enabled through SPD and The Purple Parade.

Cat Welfare SocietyThe Children's Aid Society SPD  


The brains and creative spark behind Cat & the Fiddle is Chef Daniel Tay, one of the most well-known names in luxury desserts in Singapore.

Trained in the art of classical French pastry- and dessert-making, Chef Tay has worked with the legendary gourmet food retailer Fauchon of Paris. In Singapore, he was the Pastry Chef of the famed gastronomic French restaurant, Les Amis.

Chef Tay’s skill and artistry have garnered him a gallery of awards including the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Award (2020-2021), Finalist at World Gourmet Summit (2002 - 2006), Pastry Chef of the Year (2001) and World Pastry Cup Gold Medal (1996).

Pastry Chef of the YearWorld Gourmet Summit FinalistWorld Pastry Cup Gold Medal 

After nearly 20 years at the highest levels of his profession, Chef Tay founded the state-of-the-art food solutions company, Foodgnostic, to further his culinary ambitions. Out of this emerged Cat & the Fiddle, the online cheesecake specialist shop with its message of quality and affordability for all, and sustainability for the environment.

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