3 reasons why you should order your birthday cake with some cheesy goodness

If you have been waiting to order a birthday cake for a loved one or are considering some flavours for your own, have you considered a box of delicious cheesecake? 

Here’s why you should.

Enjoy cheese in different flavours

Ditch the traditional chocolate and vanilla choices for your birthday cake and take your pick from a range of flavours when deciding on the best cheesecake for your big day. Cheese is a versatile ingredient, which makes it easy to blend with many other ingredients and thus producing different flavours of cheesecake for the cheese lovers. From chocolatey milo and the savoury-sweet salted caramel to tangy and juicy mango, you can have your pick aside from the all-time favourite Oreo cheesecake or apple crumble (they are equally irresistible). Have we mentioned the admirable colours these flavourful cheesecakes come with? 

The Maneki Neko Cheesecake has been voted as our cake of the month. Light yet concentrated with flavours of citrusy yuzu, mandarin orange, lemon and lime, any birthday boy and girl will delightfully have more than a slice. We’re glad to offer 20% off this pretty Japanese-inspired cheesecake from 1 to 15 September. No reason not to grab this birthday cake in Singapore!

Ideal for those who don’t enjoy the sugar rush

Great as a snack or a dessert, cheesecakes can be considered lighter compared to creamier and more buttery cakes that make up the traditional birthday cake. The light consistency of cheesecakes brings a delightful texture to the palate and does not cloy in the mouth, what would otherwise occur after a few bites of your classic black forest or a vanilla sponge cake that are often sweet. That said, cheesecakes allow for a more savoury option alongside the choice to choose among a range of birthday cake flavours. 

Take our Yuan Yang Coffee & Tea Cheesecake for instance. This Paws of Furry cheesecake transforms the traditional coffee and tea (yuan yang) beverage into a double-decker cheesecake that is robust in flavour. With three parts of Espresso and seven parts of Hong Kong-style milk tea, our Paws of Fury is one of the best coffee (and of course tea) birthday cakes you can find in Singapore that combines two of the nation’s favourite caffeine drinks in a bite! 


We have also chosen the Yuan Yang Coffee & Tea Cheesecake to be the second cake of the month. Enjoy 20% off the original price from 16 to 30 September!

Give a unique take to the ordinary birthday cake

We reckon it would make some of the guests at your birthday party lift their eyebrows but cheesecake for a birthday isn’t a bad idea after all. Be bold. Be unique. From a range of birthday cake flavours you can choose from our bakery in Singapore, we will be incredibly happy to help you decide which cake should be the highlight of your celebration! 

You can order your birthday cake from us and our delivery team will have the cake sent to your house or anywhere around Singapore! 

More cheesy surprises!

You don’t need to order our delicious cheesecakes just for your birthday. Cheesecakes are meant for any occasion, anytime and anywhere! Whether you choose delivery or pick up in Singapore, Cat & the Fiddle is never short of cheesy surprises. 

Do grab some slices of our 9.9 Special offer running from 9 to 13 September. Buy two whole cakes and get a total of 25% off! 

Our Westgate grand opening special is freshly baking. Purchase a cake from our Westgate outlet and enjoy 30% off whole cakes till 15 September by redeeming your e-voucher here. We are also offering 1-for-1 sliced cheesecakes during the same period. Simply present your business card or student ID to our friendly staff and enjoy a slice with your friend at Westgate.  We will also be launching a special Kopi-O cheesecake with the opening of the new store. At just $6.90 a slice, don’t miss out on this special cake before it runs out! 

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