Black Friday Singapore: Time for the best cheesecakes in Singapore!

We have jumped on the bandwagon to bring to you some of the best deals in this special month of November for it is the time for the world’s favourite Black Friday! 

Black Friday in Singapore, as with many countries around the world, falls on 29 November 2019. This Thanksgiving-inspired sale has been delighting shoppers for many years. We want our cheesecakes to sweeten up this most-awaited season as well! 

Our online bakery in Singapore is all ready to grab your orders – read on to find out what we have to offer!

A customised cake with the best flavours in Singapore – 25% off!

Our customised Fickle Feline cake is the best option for those who just cannot make up their mind. Putting together 10 different slices of the best cheesecakes, we present a colourful platter of cream cheese comprising different flavours to feed every indulgence. From the hot favourite oreo cheesecake to unique creations like the salted caramel and juicy mango cheesecake, this much-loved customised cake is sure to be a welcomed joy. Black Friday in Singapore is also for that sweet spot in the tummy – let us fill it with all the love it deserves! 

If you want to explore more flavours beyond the Fickle Feline, you can check out the sequel of our customised cake – Fickle Feline 2.0. While it also comes with the classic strawberry and cream cheese paring as well as the crunchy oreo cheesecake, we have also added four of our special flavours – red velvet, blueberry, apple crumble and chocolate – to this heavenly medley for ardent cheesecake lovers in Singapore. 

Each of the customised cake above does not contain alcohol, making it suitable for children. 

Enjoy 25% off on Black Friday when you place your order for this smorgasbord of cheesecakes on 29 November 2019! You can order from our online bakery or visit our retail stores in Singapore to purchase. The offer is available while stocks last. 

This offer does not apply to the “Make Your Own Fickle” cheesecake.

Best oreo and apple crumble cheesecake in Singapore

Alongside our Black Friday sale, we have our recurring cakes of the month specials in Singapore. Read below for more details:

Till 15 November, enjoy 20% off our Apple of My Eye, the beautiful apple crumble cheesecake.


From 16 to 30 November, enjoy 20% off our Modern Duke’s Pudding, the timeless oreo cheesecake.

Send us your order through our online bakery in Singapore and request for delivery to any address in Singapore or pick it up from our stores. Click here to learn more.

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