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Milo Chocolate

Milo Dinosaur

  • RM127.00

Dairy Fish gelatin Gluten
Contains dairy, fish gelatin and gluten
Standard Size
Approximately 7" and 18cm / 850g / 10 slices
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Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake| Milo Dinosaur Cake | Cat & the Fiddle Malaysia

Malaysia's Favourite Milo Cheesecake

Infused with loads of that chocolatey malt goodness, our creamy non-baked cheesecake melts away in the mouth, leaving a lingering richness that will have you craving for more. And if that’s not enough, we’ll throw in a sachet of milo powder that you can sprinkle over the cake for extra oomph.

Top: Heap of Milo Powder (self-sprinkled)
Middle: Milo-Infused Cream Cheese (Non-Baked) with a layer of Chocolate Sponge
Base: Buttery Biscuit Base

Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake - Milo Dinosaur

Before there were over-the-top milkshakes, there was the Milo Dinosaur (Iced Milo heaped with milo powder). We’ve taken the nation’s favourite local drink and turned it into a mighty fine dessert!

Our Milo Dinosaur cake is a no bake Asian-inspired dessert that has brought this favourite drink to a whole new level for those living in Malaysia. Every bite is like a sip or spoonful of milo but with an added dose of creamy sweetness. Our Milo Dinosaur cake is indeed Malaysia’s best cream cheesecake generously loaded with milo and topped with another decadent heap of the chocolate powder.

If it's not enough, add more Milo powder to your slice!

Halal Certified 
As of 10 November 2019, all of Cat & the Fiddle cheesecakes are officially Halal-certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS).

Ingredients Cream Cheese, Whipping Cream, Chocolate Powder, Sugar, Unsalted Butter, Wholemeal Flour, Wheat Flour, UHT Milk, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Fish Gelatin, Salt

Delivery Time Slots Monday to Friday: 10am - 7pm Saturday to Sunday: 10am - 4pm Place order by 2pm to receive it on the same day! (No minimum hour notice) Self-collection is available too!

Cheesy Tale

 Cat jumped into a time machine
Back to the future - he disappeared within
He discovered a world of dinosaurs past
Guarding a land filled with Milo blast

We were ever so ready to prepare a jingle for this dessert that is close to the heart.

Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers in Singapore can’t get enough of our Milo Dinosaur cake. You can read what they have to say on our reviews tab below. Have you also tried our Milo Dinosaur cheesecake? Be sure to leave us a comment and tell us how you felt! 

Collection and Delivery

Your Milo Dinosaur cake can be delivered to you in Singapore, even on the same day. If you prefer to collect it, you may do so at any of our pick-up locations below. Click here for more details.

  Non-Baked 1. Refrigerate cake in freezer (<-8°C) immediately.
2. Thaw in chiller (<4°C) for 1.5 hours and serve chilled.
Serve within
2 days
from thawing
  Do not leave cake unrefrigerated for more than one hour.
Do not re-freeze after thawing.
If stored frozen (< -8°C), serve within 2 weeks.
Pingzi 10/12/2019

Very delicious cheesecake. Came with lots of Milo powder as well, to add on. Everyone enjoyed the cake, young and old.

Angela 18/11/2019

Simply Love it! Yummy cheesecakes; just need to ensure it's defrost

Wei Wei 15/11/2019

I have been buying milo dinosaur cheesecake for a couple of years. it's my kids' favourite.

The horlicks cheesecake came out only in the last 2 years I think. It satisfies my husband's cravings for horlicks.

Syahidah 14/11/2019

Both cakes were so delicious! First time getting cat&fiddle cakes; milo dinosaur and modern duke's pudding. Definitely will buy again and try out other flavours! Love that they provided an extra bag in the packaging as i bought 2 cakes. Very thoughtful!

Christine 29/10/2019

The cake was yummylicious and the milo powder given was generous. Despite pouring as much as we could we are still li left with half a packet, sufficient to make a cuppa milo drink. Everyone enjoyed the cheesecake.

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Reviews and Testimonials

In a nutshell, the best cheesecakes you have ever tasted. Period. I'm no food critic, but the cheesecakes simply melt the moment it touches your mouth. Each of the 12 flavours simply have that "perfect taste". From strawberry to pineapple to tiramisu, Cat & the Fiddle has truly mastered the art of cheesecakes, and it's totally worth the rather expensive $50 price.

Moana Waialiki
(4 years ago)

Love their cheese cakes, it was so awesome. Their cakes were not too cheezy and the sweetness was just right . Will order again :) .

Sonia Chuah
(4 years ago)

Got the fickle feline cheesecake which comes with 10 different flavours. Super worth it considering you get to try all the different cheesecake flavours the shop has to offer. Home delivery was really fast and on time !!

Brian He
(4 years ago)

One of the best cheesecakes I can find in Singapore - on par with international shops. Tried the multi flavor one as we had different requests in the party and everyone enjoyed it. Highly recommended!

Isabelle Tran
(4 years ago)

It would be good to allow for ordering online (on a website) instead of auto-direct to the App. The app tends to hang at times and not that user-friendly too. Have been frustrated with it that I gave up ordering several times. Thanks!

Joanna Loh
(4 years ago)

Definitely the best cheesecake I have ever tasted! Ordered Fickle Feline for my husband's birthday and we loved it, specially the salted caramel piece which was simply terrific! The delivery was timely and the person who delivered was very friendly - " we did enjoy the cake, thanks!"

Swameeka Medhi Varma
(5 years ago)

Cheesecake here is really great and really cheap as well! The packaging and the store front looks really nice and colorful as well! They have lots of flavors available here for the cheesecakes, wide variety of payment options, it is also really cheap for a slice of cheesecake! Totally worth it!

Wilfred Loy
(4 years ago)

My go to place for cheesecakes. Their cheesecakes are rich, flavorful and creamy. I'm always excited to try new flavors each time I'm there. The good thing about the Clarke Quay outlet is that you can purchase individual sliced cakes instead of whole ones (as the Tai Seng outlet allows for purchase of whole cakes only)

Kirstin S
(4 years ago)

I went to pickup from their warehouse place directly at Tai Seng industrial estate as it was a really last minute affair for my parent's birthday cake, i ordered the salted caramel one and it was absolutely indulgent and awesome! It was a perfect blend of sweet , salty and a little bitter after taste which made the cake an absolute treat, highly recommend this! Gonna try their other flavors in future!

Aaron Tan
(4 years ago)

Cat & the Fiddle has a really wide range of cheesecakes to choose from. The cakes are delicious, not too sweet and reasonably priced. I placed an order at night and could collect my cake the very next morning! Collection process was super easy and fast.Their location was easy to find as well.

XinYun Lim
(4 years ago)

Picked up my 'Naughty & Nice' cake today at Cat & the Fiddle's HQ. It's my first time trying their cheesecakes, and the staff who passed me my order was prompt and polite. The cake itself was rich, tasty and filling - would recommend and consider ordering again for another special occasion. Thanks! ^^

Mae Tan
(5 years ago)

Ordered them for an office birthday party. Love the idea that we can order different slices within the cake itself, AND that the slices are readily sliced for easy distribution. My favourite was the orange yuzu one.

Solomon C
(5 years ago)

Lovely cheesecakes, interesting flavours, good service, and great value. The balance of the cheese is perfect. Best eaten very cold.

Yanni Tan
(4 years ago)

Was really tasty and fresh cheesecake! Would recommend to my friends and definitely buy it myself again!

Alicia Xmh
(4 years ago)

Great choices of different flavoured cheesecakes available. I'm a big fan of the durian mao shan wang cheesecake and the naughty and nice! Will definitely recommend. :)

Sang Hee Kim
(5 years ago)

Ordered the Milo Dinosaur cheesecake for some family birthday celebrations and it was a bit! The oldies loved the twist on the traditional cheesecake with a local drink fave. The cake itself was not too sweet not too fluffy - arguably one of the best cheesecakes we've had in Singapore! Delivery was a breeze and had no issues with missing items. We're looking forward to trying more flavours!

Jo-Ann Chan
(4 years ago)

It was my colleague’s birthday today and I totally forgot about it. When I found out, it was too late to go out to buy a cake. Googled same day delivery birthday cakes and found Cat and The Fiddle. Cake delivered fresh and neatly packed, the person who delivered it was nice and friendly.. and all my colleagues asked where I got the cake from because the taste and texture was just THAT great. Thank you for the excellent service, will definitely order from you again �

El Suraya Rahim
(5 years ago)

One of my friend's mum love cheesecakes! It was her birthday the other day and we couldn't make up our minds on what cake to get. I managed to chance upon cat and the fiddle, saw the fickle feline 2.0 and thought it was the ideal cake to get due to the different flavors and everybody could try all of them. It was the best choice I've ever made!!!! Everybody loved it, collection of cake was really convenient and easy as well! We loved all the flavors provided and everyone had a fair share of their personal favorites. Such an awesome and wonderful idea, not forgetting that it tasted delicious as well! Definitely going to order again the next time :)

Vivien Liew
(6 years ago)

4.4 (132)

5.0 (74)

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