Cheesy Tales

Once upon a farm, mama cow angrily mooed
‘No more milk Cat, you’re no longer little!’
One thirsty day he reached for his jar
‘This is not milk!’ you could hear from afar
He took a bite and was shockingly pleased
Cat had just discovered the magic of cheese
He rejoiced with his fiddle and attracted a crowd
Never once was Cat ever this proud
And thus began his quest to bake
The world's finest and most irresistible cheesecake

A Daniel Tay Creation
Like fire and rain
She drives Cat insane
But she’s the apple of his eye
He'll be sweet like a pie
Naughty and nice
Just like sugar and spice
Why be naughty? Why be nice?
If Cat ever picks one, is there a prize?
Once again, Cat has an idea so bright
Something that will taste so right
An improved version so divine
So he made another Fickle Feline.
Cat is real last samurai
He fight one hundred warrior but only eight times he die
Last life he keep for making cheesecake with yuzu
Legend say if you eat, you will be lucky too
‘Why is mama a cow and where is papa?
My life’s a mystery, my childhood’s a trauma
Wait till I interrogate my seven year old grandpa
And steal his top-secret recipe, codename: Fresh Mango Pieces & Mango Puree’
Cat was crowned Duke by a devious turkey
The headpiece was filled with Oreo cookies
Alas, it was robbed and eaten by monkeys
So the Duke got upset and Christmas came early
Cat had three friends over for tea and song
But Espresso, Marsala and Cocoa never got along
So Cat blended them into an exquisite mix
Wala! A potent tiramisu that’s creamy and rich
Cat tossed cheese into a hungry volcano
Then stressed it out with an unsettling concerto
Out came salted caramel on buttery crust
A sweet toffee eruption, an absolute blast
Cat had always dreamt of riding the waves
His fear was not of water but sharks, eels and rays
So he offered them something yummier instead
‘Do you fancy a pina colada cheesecake?’
A connoisseur of rare concubines and fine wives
Cat had enough mojo to last him ten lives
His last conquest was Princess Lychee
The grand inspiration for his cocktail recipe
They called themselves Yin and Yang
Defenders of the weak, nightmare of gangs
When they’re not busting balls or fighting crime
Baking cheesecakes were their favourite pastime
Fiddle dee fiddle dum
Cat went exploring on an empty tum
His cat crew searched the mountain high
And ahoy! They found - durians divine!
Cat jumped into a time machine
Back to the future - he disappeared within
He discovered a world of dinosaurs past
Guarding a land filled with Milo blast
Once in a blue moon Cat gets fickle
His creation - our taste buds sure to tickle
A little this, a little that
A platter right out of his magical hat
Blue blue berry,
Beautiful berry,
The color of a river,
A sway of life,
With the glow of cat,
Blue is a wonderful hue,
Showing a wonderful time in blue.
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