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9 October 2016
Wowed Over Heavenly Dessert Cheesecake by Cat & The Fiddle
6 October 2016
Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake Review
6 October 2016
Hopp Café @ Bandar Sunway: Famous Cheesecake by Cat & The Fiddle, PJ
5 October 2016
Beli Secara Online Cheesecake Cat & The Fiddle Yang Sedap Lagi Enak
5 October 2016
Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake by Chef Daniel Tay (Online, Hopp Cafe & PappaRich)
5 October 2016
Cat & The Fiddle: Singapore Cheesecake Specialist is in Malaysia!
5 October 2016
Sedapnya Cheese Cake dari Cat & The Fiddle
3 October 2016
Cat & the Fiddle – The Online Cheesecake Specialist
3 October 2016
Beautiful Cheesecakes By Cat & The Fiddle @ HOPP Cafe, Bandar Sunway KL
2 October 2016
Cheese Cake Halal | Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake Review - Kek Keju Premium Dari Chef Daniel Tay
1 October 2016
【网购美食】猫山王芝士蛋糕震撼登场!Cat & the Fiddle Cheese Cake (Delivery)
26 September 2016
Singapore's Famous Cheesecake by Cat & The Fiddle is Now in Malaysia!
3 August 2016
Cat & Fiddle : Famous Singapore Brand Cheesecake is Here!
12 July 2016
【网购美食】新加坡No. 1芝士蛋糕来到大马了!Cat & the Fiddle Cheese Cake (Delivery)
16 April 2016
Chef Daniel Tay is another who is pushing the boundaries in the food industry. The founder of Bakerzin sold the French-style bakery chain in 2007, but managed it until end-2013. Shortly after...
26 March 2016
Cat & The Fiddle Planning To Expanding Oversea Market
22 January 2016
Born from Chef Daniel Tay who also founded Bakerzin, Cat and the Fiddle is an online store that sells cheesecakes in loads of different flavors. Their cheesecake is light, creamy and comes in so....
23 December 2015
Best 5 Shops for Cake Delivery in Singapore...The main chef at this place is chef Daniel Tay, who had won many awards such as a gold medal at the World Pastry Cup in Singapore in 1996 and...
18 December 2015
There’s always room for cheesecakes amidst all the Christmas feasting and Singapore’s only online cheesecake specialist, Cat & the Fiddle will be offering two special festive flavours to celebrate
16 December 2015
Any cheesecake lover will thank the heavens that Cat & The Fiddle decided to set up shop as Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake store. Offering premium cheesecakes in 15 specially creat
9 December 2015
Singapore's food and beverage scene is a challenging one, with fierce competition and high labour costs. Some companies, however, have managed to thrive, and are spreading their wings abroad to gain..
6 December 2015
Daniel Tay's Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecakes are not missing out on the fun either. They have two Xmas selections and my pick of the two is this cheekily titled Berry Berry Nice Cheesecake. Full of...
3 December 2015
The go-to for cheesecake fiends, ex-Bakerzin founder Daniel Tay offers ten flavours of the versatile dessert for delivery orders from his own webstore. Unique flavours include the....
3 November 2015
SG50 Deliciously Singaporean: Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake
23 October 2015
Cat & The Fiddle Next Stop: Malaysia!
21 October 2015
Why are their cakes so special? Firstly, Cat & The Fiddle is founded by Daniel Tay and all their gourmet cakes have been expertly crafted by him. He was 1992-1994 Salon Culinaire Silver Medal.
12 September 2015
I came to know of Cat & the Fiddle through one of my friends who loves cheese cake. We had some plans last year to order and share among ourselves but this plan has been at the back of our mind...
30 June 2015
I am not an Oreo cheesecake fan to begin with because it’s too dry and sweet most of the time, but this is pretty well done. One of the best Oreo cheesecake that i had...
25 June 2015
One of the best Oreo Cheesecake I ever tried. Smooth and creamy rich cheese texture mix with the crunchy Oreo cookies is truly prefect. For someone who are more adventurous, wanna try out most...
17 June 2015
I still helped myself to slice after slice which came up to about a quarter of the cake. :X I can't wait to find an occasion and order other cheesecakes! Especially Lychee Martini and Fickle Feline!
7 May 2015
It is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! Have you prepared your Mother’s Day Gift yet? Looking something sweet yet affordable but can’t seemed to find what you want?
2 January 2015
Geek Café is the first physical store to sell individual slices of cheesecakes from Cat and the Fiddle.
27 December 2014
Cat and the Fiddle cakes are now physically available at Geek Café where you can try all 11 cheesecake flavours.
9 December 2014
Daniel has added a simple twist to each of his 12 cheesecakes, making it gorgeous and exquisite tasting.
4 December 2014
You can sweeten your festive gathering this Christmas with two delectable Christmas cheesecakes!
28 November 2014
Technology in a cup. Repair computers and have a cake? If you are a fan of Cat & The Fiddle’s cakes (Chef Daniel Tay is founder of Bakerzin), you can now find them in this tech shop at Marine Para
27 November 2014
Geek Café will offer 11 permanent varieties of the Cat and the Fiddle cheesecakes.
2 November 2014
Decided to order a cake from somewhere different this year for Mum’s birthday and we bought her cake from Cat & the Fiddle – introduced by my colleague, too. She’s a foodie and will often go food.
30 July 2014
Cat & the Fiddle founder Chef Daniel Tay takes us on a mouthwatering tour of the world of cheesecakes and shows us how to make a topnotch Cookies & Cream Cheesecake.
12 June 2014
Any excuse to eat cake is welcomed and I recently placed an order for one for a colleague’s birthday. Read a review on 8 Days on the cakes at Cat and the Fiddle and really wanted to give the...
14 May 2014
Although he hasn't laid his pots and pans to rest entirely, renowned local chef Daniel Tay has increasingly taken on a more entrepreneurial role in the F&B industry.
5 May 2014
It’s not news that he sold his famous former cake and pastry business for a tidy sum a few years ago. He was among the first to cater to those who get no satisfaction from pandan chiffon cakes....
4 May 2014
So the cat milked the cow while it slept, kept the milk for later and discovered to its delight, cheese!
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