Queen Of Hearts

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Queen Of Hearts

Strawberry Cheese Cake

It’s okay to stick to conventional flavour combinations, especially when we’ve got one that is as evergreen as this: strawberries and cream cheese. It’s a classic pairing that will never go wrong, and we’re confident that we’ve done it more than justice with our meltingly luxurious cream cheese filling cradled in a golden-brown crust and glazed overhead with strawberry puree.

An all-time favourite, strawberry cheesecake swirled with sweet and velvety strawberries.

  • Size and Weight: Approximately 7"/18cm and 1kg / 10 slices
  • Featured Ingredient: Strawberry 
  • Allergens: Traces of Treenut and Peanut
  • Accessories: Candle/Knife Not Included (Purchase From Add-Ons)

Note: Cat advises you to immediately store our cheese cake in the freezer upon receiving the cake, and allow to thaw for 30 to 45 minutes at room temperature before serving.

In true fashion with keeping this as real as they can be, you are going to fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous Queen of Hearts strawberry cheesecake.

A sight to see with its perfectly packaged layers and blinding, warm red on top that will grab your eye a mile away, this strawberry cheesecake is much more than a pretty face. It is designed to give you a full and hearty flavour that will teach you all about how cheesecake is supposed to taste.

With a heavy body of delectable cheese filling that is all things beautiful and creamy, this is sure to be the allure of your deepest and darkest cheesecake craving. Simple in design and taste, the tart strawberry topper is going to give you a rich taste that is sure to really help you understand the beauty of a blended taste.

Strawberry is great and everything so you can really introduce yourself to the world of gourmet tastes with this unforgettable Queen of Hearts Cheesecake. You'll love bringing one home for the entire family with its shareable 7" size, and compact design that fits perfectly in the centre of the dinner table for all to admire and enjoy.

If you're looking for a quality taste and design, you'll get no better than Daniel Tay's gorgeous creations that taste as great as they look.

The strawberry cheesecake is now available in Klang Valley, Malaysia with delivery to your doorstep.

Enjoy this fresh taste today and see just what this cake has that the others doesn't. You may be surprised.

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1 - 3 Days

1.       Refrigerate cake in the chiller (<4°C) within 1 hour of collection.

2.     Thaw in chiller (<4°C) for 5-8 hours. Serve chilled.

3 Days - 2 Weeks

1.       Refrigerate cake in the freezer (<-18°C) within 1 hour of collection.

2.      Thaw in chiller (<4°C) for 5-8 hours. Serve chilled.

Do not leave cake unrefrigerated for more than one hour.

Do not re-freeze after thawing.


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