It’s Children’s Day in Singapore – Surprise your kid with a cake

Children love school holidays in Singapore because, of course – who wouldn’t love a day away from the books? But that also gives parents a chance to take a break and go on a small getaway or have a fun day out with the whole family. 

In October, we celebrate Children’s Day in Singapore on the first Friday of the month. How about some cheesecakes to celebrate with your kids? 

If you aren’t going out of the country over the weekend for Children’s Day, we reckon taking an hour or two off your day out to catch up with your children over a cheesy cake in Singapore! Here’s why.

1. Children are always up for desserts

Desserts are to die for – even the oldest cannot resist, how can the young then? These innocent eyes will always be drawn to anything that is familiarly sweet – like the cookie dough ice-cream or a bar of fruit and nut chocolate. 

A good alternative to these usual sweet treats, a slice of cheesecake might get them screaming! Where is the cake, where is the cake, where is the cake!?

Cheesecakes also tend to be less sweet, especially when you choose the more savoury options. If your child loves durian, the King Cat of the Mountain will be an interesting pick – they will get to enjoy the sweet, savoury and creamy texture of the durian all at once, alongside the cream cheese and soft sponge cake. For something with a tangy kick, the Maneki Neko lemon and yuzu infused cheesecake will fill the desserts corner of their tummies.

Since school holidays in Singapore are meant for family time, you can excite your kid by bringing them down to our stores at Clarke Quay and Westgate! Spend a day out shopping, catch a movie and have a great lunch, and end the day with a yummy slice of cheesecake at any one of the two outlets. Psst… you can also add some toppings when you purchase your cheesecake at the stores!

If you are having a fun party for Children’s Day, buy a whole cake to celebrate the school holiday and have it delivered to you anywhere in Singapore! 

This month, we will be offering 20% off the Devil’s Chocolate – Naughty and Nice – from 1 to 15 October 2019. Let your little devils dig into this crowd-favourite!

 2. Vibrant colours will excite the kids

The cheesecake is, in fact, a very versatile dessert as it has the ability to combine its flavours with other varieties that are popular to the palate. We talked about the durian and yuzu flavoured ones above – there is also the mango option, the local milo favourite, the Kopitiam coffee and tea pairing, as well as the Horlicks-inspired one, just in case if anyone didn’t know… 

With that, the variety of cheesecakes brings to the table an attractive splash of vibrant colours that will appeal to the kids. Take a look at The Emperor’s Romance with its light rose red finishing, or the fluffy white colours of Jiggly Fluff. The beautiful swirls on Madam’Roselle and the cocoa powdered bath on the Milo Dinosaur make it difficult to keep the eyes off it. 

3. Customise the cake for a bigger Children’s Day celebration in Singapore


For the best of all colours in one visual feast, customise the cake by including different flavours on a single platter. Best for a Children’s Day celebration in the school or at a family get-together, the Make Your Own Fickle will be one of the best cake ideas you can consider in Singapore. You can include all the flavours you think everyone will love at the party – no one is denied the chance to enjoy some glorious cheesecake of their liking! 

You don’t really need an occasion to enjoy this colourful platter of joy – our 10/10 deal gives you $10 off the Fickle Feline and the Fickle Feline 2.0! 

Time to surprise your children with a cheesy slice of cake – explore our flavours available and have a fantastic Children’s Day celebration in Singapore!

Get Your Kids Ready for Halloween This Month!

Towards the end of this month, prepare your children for Halloween in Singapore on 31 October 2019. We’re ready to jump on the witch’s broom this Halloween and bring the love for cheesecakes to the spooks in the woods with our Salted Caramel Cheesecake. From 16 to 30 October 2019, enjoy 20% off the Sweet and Spooky Taffy for Halloween. Indulge in this treat with your friends and family in Singapore!

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