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Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Frozen Cake Malaysia Delivery | Cat & the Fiddle

You Deserve the Best Cheesecake in Malaysia
from Cat and the Fiddle

Craving For Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is an addiction, it's that simple. Whether you love this delicious dessert because it's sweet, filling, silky smooth, bursting with flavour, or any combination of the above, you are just one of many. Cheesecake is our guilty treat when we need a break from work. It's a dessert we order regardless of where we go, and it's often our indulgence when we need a girl's night in. So, cheesecake is pretty much the best thing in the world. What more is there to say about it? A lot. Now that we've established the wonderful healing powers of cheesecake and all of its forms, we can take a look at just how you can get the most out of your cheesecake adventure. Specially, with Cat and the Fiddle. We are proud of this high quality cheesecake factory at Selangor that will make your dreams come true, no matter what they do. We understand that you all want different things and your dreams may vary in terms of flavour, but we've got you covered on all aspects. How? By offering the best flavours out there to curb any craving.

The Modern Duke's Pudding

A classic in taste and addiction, we offer this exclusive flavour to you in fully baked, classic cheesecake, and Oreo. Which one of those most appeals to you? All of them? It's understandable. If you're just introducing yourself to the wonderful world of cheesecake, this is definitely a great one to start out. It's a traditional flavour with the added quality taste that our pastry chef (and creator of the company), Chef Tay, gives to this option. Whether you've had Modern Duke's Pudding Cheesecake before or not, this is certainly something you're going to want to try.

The Russian Whiskers

Fantastic from name to taste, this cheesecake option is available to order in non-baked and mango so that all taste buds will get a good time from it. With the perfect contrast of richness and a sweet taste, this is something that anyone with a hankering for fruit is going to want to try. This is certainly a full cheesecake with a silky smooth creamy taste when enjoyed non-baked. If you haven't given this flavour a go in the past, you certainly are going to want to enjoy it soon. It's a delicious option that is certainly not to be missed. Perfect for the cheesecake enthusiast and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Over The Moon

We have one word to describe this glorious cheesecake flavour: other-worldly. Sorry, we had to. In all seriousness, this is a unique flavour that you have to try if you are interested in opening up your taste palette to new desserts. Offered fully-baked cake and in classic cheesecake, you'll love the rich and complete taste that will allow you to understand the versatility that cheesecake can possess when its professionally prepared. If you want something that is all about a fresh flavour, we recommend this. And even if you aren't, we still recommend it. It's that good.

Queen of Hearts

Coming to you with Strawberry, classic, and fully-baked options, this final option that we offer you here at Cat and the Fiddle is perfect for anyone who loves a good, old fashioned strawberry cheesecake. Full tasting and with a fresh burst of berry, this is a decadent dessert that will compliment any dinner that you have while you're entertaining friends and family. Whether it was the name, the flavour, or the presentation of this cheesecake, we're glad that it caught your eye. For a fresh twist on a classic flavour, this is a great idea for the cheesecake lover. So, you've seen our excellent options and now you want to learn more about how we make our cheesecakes. We'd be happy to explain it to you. An informed decision is a smart one, after all, correct? All of our cheesecakes are made with the freshest ingredients and the highest quality so that each one that comes to your home is going to be the best quality final product out there. We believe that our clients from Kuala Lumpur deserve the best when they order from us. The cakes are made to perfection using a tried and tested recipe, and the blasted frozen to make sure that the freshness is locked in for the customer to enjoy.

Frozen Cake

What's the difference between "blast frozen" and "regular frozen", you ask? Blast frozen is when something is frozen almost directly from the oven. So, it's like putting a stop to the timer on a cake's freshness level temporarily. When a client gets this cheesecake home and is looking to enjoy it for their meal, the cake will thaw and it will be just as fresh as it was when it came from the oven, making it a delicious treat from the comfort of your own home.

Baked Cheesecake and No bake cheesecake

When you order any cheesecake, eg no bake cheesecake or baked cheesecake from Cat and the Fiddle, you'll get superior taste from a professional Singapore company who knows what they're doing when it comes to flavour and customer satisfaction. That is what we offer each customer who orders from us, and we are looking forward to introducing more customers to the superior taste offered here. Proud of our business and here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, we are always here with a sophisticated customer service option that will really make you feel your worth to us.

Birthday Cakes for Girls and Boys, and Any Special Occasions

Cat & The Fiddle is excited to offer specialty desserts to those looking for a special occasion - an office or birthday party, birthday cakes for girls, birthday cakes for boys, a fundraiser, etc - or just the person who is looking for a special dessert after a trying day. Also, we believe in giving back, which is why we donate some of our proceeds to worthy causes in our local areas such as the Cat Welfare Society, the Children's Aid Society, and SPD. Being a part of our community is as important to us as the quality service that we provide. Cat & the Fiddle Cheesecake by Daniel Tay is now available in Malaysia. Feel free to order your baked cheesecake or non bake cheesecake online. You'll get next day delivery if you place your order before 4pm. We hope you'll come in and enjoy one of our treats soon.

Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Frozen Cake Malaysia Delivery | Cat & the Fiddle
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